Post-adolescent Angst Resurgence

For far too long the confines of society and corporate/militarial America has held my head underwater. I am just one subservient part of many that powers the insatiable death machine. 

I’m always wondering why I do not possess a general feeling of wellbeing and fulfillment without the consideration that the life we live isn’t natural, and it isn’t. I tell myself that the happiness I can not find is always due to my own attitudes and beliefs, which I know that that is a part of it, but I consistently throw out of reasoning that there is an external element of it, too. I must quit always faulting myself, that I’ve got to always conform to my environment, the way of the world, and learn to instead, hold my ground, challenge my world, and be a driver of change of IT. The deadness that I feel is because I have let the power of my soul to be stripped from me, it’s instituted at birth. I need to bring about a little adversity, stop being tossed about, being battered and tethered to an oblivion.

Post-adolescent Angst Resurgence

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