One Nation Under The Media

I know I have been guilty of it and I am going to try really hard not to just constantly regurgitate everything in social media. I’m not saying that what I post isn’t what I whole heartedly believe in but I know it greatly reduces it’s credibility and genuine flare if I’m not openly expressing it in my own understanding. 
Social media began and still is a brilliant tool in exposing the lies and political propaganda of mainstream media by being able to connect and report at an unprecedented level in media history, where those who have no agendas, us, the people, report current issues and affairs as they are, face value, the bare human factor, in the a way that directly affects our lives, emotions, and our community. 
For the first time in history we don’t only have just a major news outlet to report what’s going on in our world that only represents the perspective of the political machine to persuade the people in ways that push beyond our own interests by deceiving us that their political interests are our own. However, increasingly we are seeing that social media is just becoming another extension of division where we are able to attack one another more personally, perpetuating the galvanization of the people even further. 
When will we realize that they are the ones making it us against ourselves by fueling opposing ideas amongst us so that our attention may not be adverted to the true cause of the chaos that is going on in the world, the governments of the world. This way we are stuck meddling in our petty spats, forfeiting our right as a republic to take responsibility and govern ourselves by not being able to suck it up, our childish ways, in realizing that we’re all different. Learning and understanding each other’s differences is exactly what made America as great as it is today, and I beg to say that the the idea of the current greatness of America is just merely an illusion built up of what it formerly was. 
If we are bold enough to take a moment to find common ground, it is a true assurance of being able surpass any distaste for one another’s differences, and through the compassion that would be wrought from this, enable us to bring about compromise for the greater good, the reunification of a strong republic, one that is not controlled by the media, Hollywood, or our government, but by the people, for the people.
I hope and posses constantly the vision of an awakened people.

One Nation Under The Media

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