New to Blogging

I’m not sure really what purpose blogging serves but I feel that it will help bring some responsibility to my much needed journaling.

I know journaling isn’t for nothing, it helps to focus and understand what’s on the inside but I’ve always known myself to need a little of other’s recognition to motivate me far beyond what I could ever do for myself. I know this may be a sad facet, indicative of a degree of low self esteem but if it causes an arousal of my droned out form of existence I’m experiencing then I’m up for any sort of relief.

I feel that blogging may develop just the support I need by an outside source to look in, lending a different perspective as to what’s going on and probably changing the view of what I see to be the case of what’s going on inside my own self.

All are welcome and I look forward to the possibilities this may spur.

Peace to all

Thank you

New to Blogging