I am attempting to affirm what I already know by doing a journal entry via typing. I know that I’m a traditionalist, therein viewing that modern technology often proves to be a trap of our gifts as humans, dulling down our senses and intelligence by over use of this convenience, require us to use less mental energy to obtain the information that we are seeking. Consequently, less effort, simply put, in using our brains, is breaking the links in our neural pathways. Without the strengthening of these neural pathways, they become weaker and unable to provide the computational abilities that our brain once had prior to the plethora of modern conveniences that the technology of today provides. Despite all of this, as much as I hate to admit, typing provides me with a more elaborate expansion of thought, flow, and comprehension of the topic that I’m trying to convey, far beyond that of pen and paper. As well as a traditionalist, I am a hopeless romantic, it is so appealing, the thought of having your journal and going out on a nice sunny day to write in the thick of nature. How despicable is the thought of doing that with a laptop?

Like anything, too much of anything is a bad thing, it is all about moderation. I know that why I remain so adverse to technology because it continually appears to be a sort of addiction, people not being able to get their heads out of their television screens, phone screens, computers, etc. long enough to realize what is going on in the world around them, frequently putting themselves and others in danger, just look at how reckless someone who is talking on the phone or texting someone can become who is at the wheel of a vehicle. Not to mention that we are putting our safety at risk but the relationships with the people in our lives are beginning to tether at an ever expanding virtual world. I am 25 years old, the heart of the technological demographic and I can’t stand how my friends, even my partner become so consumed in their phone when they’re in the company of each other. You can’t stay connected long enough to reach a significant intimate level with another if you constantly have to put each other on pause to tend to another world.

I just hope we awaken at some point to see that sometimes, if not most of the time, we need to disconnect, get back to reality, live the fullness of life that the thousands of miles and unending dimensions that this world can offer, not confine ourselves to little boxes.

Peace to All

Thank You